Brett Harvey to Direct Biopic INMATE #1: THE RISE OF DANNY TREJO

Jan 12, 2017 No Comments by

Danny Trejo is one of this generation’s most prolific character actors.  He’s our quintessential “face” who’s lent his rugged, intimidating Latino menace to so many of the best exploitation and horror genre movies over the past 25 years as well as some of the best television series to ever grace the small screen, including Breaking […]

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VOODOO Curses Theaters this February; Watch the Trailer Here

Jan 11, 2017 No Comments by

It’s been a while since we’ve had a black-magic induced scare at the cinemas, but for those of you with a proclivity for pin cushions shaped like your annoying roommate, the wait is over.  Filmmaker Tom Costabile’s fright feature Voodoo is coming to the big screen next month. Read the press release and watch the […]

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Indie Horror PPV Website IBleedIndie Launches

Jan 04, 2017 No Comments by

For those of you who love the indie-est of the indie horror films out there, or for the filmmakers among you, the news that a new PPV platform is launching that will cater to you all should come as exciting news.  The start-up is a website called IBleedIndie and it’s a promising idea. Read the […]

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She Who Must Burn Movie Review

Jan 03, 2017 No Comments by

Directed by Larry Kent and co-written by Kent and Shane Twerdun, She Who Must Burn is the story of a backwoods mining town run predominately by a fanatically evangelical family, and the people who suffer from it. The opening sequence sets the stage for what you can expect: A man enters a planned parenthood building […]

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Exploitation Extravaganza PARASITES Coming to North America January 24; Watch the Trailer Here

Dec 29, 2016 No Comments by

Equal parts Escape from New York and Judgement Night, Parasites tells the tale of what happens when three college bros get lost in the underbelly of Los Angeles where a roving band of homeless marauders holds court. Chad Ferrin’s feature throws it back to the nihilistic grit of late-70s exploitation cinema, combining spectacle with uncomfortable […]

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Brazilian Horror Film THE DEVIL LIVES HERE Now Available on DVD and VOD; See the Trailer Here

Dec 27, 2016 No Comments by

Horror Fans, The Devil Lives Here is Brazilian demonic horror at its best.  Admittedly, there isn’t a ton of competition, but trust us…it’s really good.  Artsploitation Films has delivered again and this time the movie is a little less weird and a little more conventionally horrific, yet it’s odd enough that it fits right in […]

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Marquise De Sade Movie Review

Dec 22, 2016 No Comments by

Jess Franco lived an amazing life. The Spanish director, revered internationally by fans of erotic, horror-themed exploitation films, had a fertile mind and, thus, a prolific body of work. When he died of a stroke in 2013, he left behind scores of films — some dazzling, some delightfully deranged, and some just plain dumb. A […]

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Highly Anticipated Slasher Flick PITCHFORK Coming January 13; Watch the Trailer Here

Dec 21, 2016 No Comments by

Alright, Horror Fans, there’s a new slasher flick rampaging toward your screens and it premieres on Friday, January 13th, no less.  Glenn Douglas Packard’s Pitchfork promises to be bloody bananas.  Read the dirty details and watch the trailer below, Horror Fans…. Glenn Douglas Packard’s highly anticipated horror spectacle Pitchfork premieres in theaters and On Demand […]

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Killjoy’s Psycho Circus Movie Review

Dec 19, 2016 No Comments by

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Full Moon Features’ Killjoy series, you’re missing something. Something strangely special. That’s very much borne out in the fifth entry, Killjoy’s Psycho Circus. Trent Haaga plays the title character, a demonic clown who, with his motley crew of devilish rejects, escapes the clutches of hell on […]

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Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare WE ARE THE FLESH Coming to U.S. Screens; Watch the Trailer Here

Dec 15, 2016 No Comments by

Director Emiliano Rocha Minter’s feature debut We Are the Flesh is set for a limited theatrical run beginning January 2017.  The Spanish-language post-apocalyptic fantasy is like a dirty secret.  It did well on the festival circuit winning several prizes over the past year.  It boasts strange and disturbing imagery and a unique concept that will […]

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