Coyote Movie Review

Dec 18, 2014 1 Comment by

Trevor Juenger’s Coyote is as beautiful as it is grotesque. What masquerades as a film about an insomniac slowly losing his mind is, in essence, the visual poetry of trauma and insanity. It is a William S Burroughs nightmare fueled by a Cormac McCarthy fever dream. The score, by Michel Schiralli, is complicated and difficult. […]

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Gates of Hell Part I: Fulci’s City of the Living Dead

Dec 16, 2014 No Comments by

There’s a reason why the so-called Gates of Hell trilogy is unofficial. By remaining provisional, the three films made by Italian film director Lucio Fulci between 1980 and 1981 bypass the thorny issues of cohesiveness and a logical, overarching narrative. Although, they’re all vaguely Lovecraftian in some way, the Gates of Hell films are all […]

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Plague World: An Ashley Parker Novel Book Review

Dec 11, 2014 No Comments by

Trilogies are supposed to end on an up-note, right?  Like, with a musical feast and dancing Ewoks and happy ghost-friends and family.  I mean, the middle chapters are the ones where things happen like Luke getting his hand light-sabered off and finding out that the bad guy in black is actually called “Dad.”  You know, […]

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The Device Movie Review

Dec 09, 2014 No Comments by

Jeremy Berg’s alien thriller The Device is a visually striking film about what happens when we fail to consider the danger of playing with the toys of strangers. In this case, the strangers are extraterrestrial beings bent on retaking something they consider theirs. The stakes are higher than just a simple enterovirus or Cold when […]

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Days of the Dead Chicago 2014: I Survived!

Dec 04, 2014 1 Comment by

I was finally going to a horror convention.  After years of saying I would attend a show, finally, I decided to put some extra funds to good use and spend a weekend with my beastly brethren at the Days of the Dead horror convention Nov, 21-23, 2014 in Schaumburg, Illinois. I had heard nothing but […]

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Midterm Report Card

Dec 02, 2014 No Comments by

As autumn gives way to the bleak doldrums of winter, so too does the fifth season of The Walking Dead, now lying dormant through the cold season until it reanimates come mid-February, 2015.  As these past eight episodes have made clear, the success of the series hasn’t been an aberration as it’s continued to obliterate […]

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Phobia Movie Review

Nov 27, 2014 No Comments by

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, psychological horror is kind of my “thing.”  I’ll watch anything, but nothing gets under my skin in just the right way quite like a good, meaty mind-fuck movie that raises some serious questions about the nature of reality. So knowing that, it’s probably not a surprise […]

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The Robert Englund V.I.P. Experience: Wizard World Ohio

Nov 25, 2014 No Comments by

This past Halloween, in lieu of tormenting the kids who were trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, I decided to take a three to four-hour road trip to Columbus, OH. Why would I forgo the opportunity to pass out candy dressed up as an axe murderer, you ask? One name: Robert Englund. When I found out that […]

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Arterial Homes for Robotic Golems: Robert Bloch in the Movies Part Three

Nov 19, 2014 No Comments by

Anthologies from Hell, Part Two: The House That Dripped Blood After The Torture Garden, Bloch and Amicus would not make another film together for four years. In that time Bloch continued to write for himself and for television, while Amicus kept trying to outdo and outsell Hammer. During the sixties, Amicus was on the losing […]

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Read or Else: The Pumpkin Man by John Everson

Nov 13, 2014 No Comments by

You feel the dried page against your finger and hear a subtle crack as you gingerly turn it.  The book’s spine is stiff and you look down, taking in the yellowed paper.   In the dimly lit room you smile coyly to yourself.  The book is well-worn; others have held it before you and felt the […]

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