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Jessica Cameron’s TRUTH OR DARE Making Its Hollywood Premiere

Jan 07, 2014 No Comments

Horror Fans!  The crazed maniacs behind the new movie Truth or Dare are ready to unleash this beast on sunny California this Friday, January 10th.  Pajamas?  Vomit bags?  Red Carpet?  Yup, sounds like a party…read the full press release below…. Jessica Cameron’s New Horror Film TRUTH OR DARE Screening at Shockfest! Are you ready for […]

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Video Interview with Dan Yeager: Face to Leatherface

Jan 05, 2014 No Comments

Ravenous Monster’s Rob Hibbs interviews the star of Texas Chainsaw 3D, Dan Yeager.  Get the dirt on what Dan brings to his take on the iconic Leatherface character and how he’d wage war in a Leatherface battle Royale!

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Ravenous Monster 2013 Year in Horror

Jan 01, 2014 No Comments

Ravenous Monster’s editor-in-chief Jason Thorson and horror bell-weather/RavMon contributor Justin Hamelin take a look at some of the best of the genre from 2013!  Read on, Horror Fans…. Jason Thorson: Not only did mainstream horror continue to be lucrative in theaters in 2013, but it also dominated television ratings too.  This is good news for […]

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