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The Psychotic Glee of PSYCHOMANIA

Nov 13, 2013 1 Comment

Rock and roll made horror movies. More importantly, rock and roll made horror movies the brash, classless, and underground entities that we know them as today. Sure, there were plenty of crude and exploitative horror films before the 1950s (Dwain Esper’s Maniac immediately springs to mind), but it took the transgressive and loud art form […]

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Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard (Anno Dracula, 1976-1991) Book Review

Oct 27, 2013 No Comments

Highly referential fiction is a difficult proposition. Obviously, the main concern for any scribbler is the question of “Will anyone get my references?” Nobody wants to bash the reader over the head, but similarly, nobody wants to write something so occult that nobody picks up on it. After all, from the writer’s perspective, the point […]

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Thea Lewis: Ghost Guru of Vermont’s Queen City Ghostwalk

Oct 22, 2013 No Comments

As soon as the Pilgrims got off that boat in 1620, they were telling ghost stories. Ghost stories were in their bloodstream, and their Calvinist religion, with its heavy emphasis on sin and fate, made them predisposed to a certain type of fatalism. What they found in the New World only exacerbated this worldview. Massachusetts […]

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Hammer’s Forgotten Horrors: John Gilling’s Three Horror Classics from the 1960s

Oct 16, 2013 3 Comments

Death is an incident producing clay. Use it, mould it, learn from it. ~John Gilling (1912-1985) When people speak of Hammer Film Productions, they usually speak with a resounding sense of awe. This is done with good reason, for the London-based studio helped to keep traditional and even gothic horror alive during the science fiction-dominated […]

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The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue: A Forgotten Classic

Sep 18, 2013 No Comments

The zombie film, whether you love it or despise it, is an indispensable part of horror’s dark tapestry. Commingling the gothic dark with the gory red, the zombie film helped to transition terror away from the more cerebral towards the more visceral. Some commentators blame this shift on such things as the sexual revolution, which […]

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Sherlock Holmes: The Stuff of Nightmares Book Review

Sep 17, 2013 No Comments

Amazingly, ever since the publication of A Study in Scarlet in 1887, the “Great Detective,” Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant/Boswell-like biographer Dr. John H. Watson have enthralled readers with their tales of ratiocination (to lift a phrase from Edgar Allan Poe – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s inspiration) and physical derring-do. After all, who can forget […]

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Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead Series Retrospective

Aug 21, 2013 No Comments

Ah! Those Undead Knights: A (Very) Brief Introduction to Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead Series…. By all accounts, the 1970s were a truly radical time in filmmaking. In America, the demise of the studio system meant that maverick auteurs were given free rein to indulge in their artistic whims, thus creating cinema awash in political […]

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Frankenstein’s Army Movie Review

Aug 07, 2013 No Comments

At the time, there were those who thought that horror couldn’t exist after the concentration camps. Compared to the carnage of the Second World War, Count Dracula and his “creatures of the night” felt like downright cartoonish caricatures of what real fear looks like. Films such as Edgar G. Ulmer’s Black Cat (1934) and Karl […]

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The Fall of the House of Usher Comic Book Review

Jul 17, 2013 No Comments

A lone rider traveling “(d)uring the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year.” This is how Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher begins. Since its first publication in 1839, Poe’s macabre masterpiece has been considered one of the founding lights of American horror fiction […]

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Integrity – Suicide Black Snake Album Review

Jun 30, 2013 No Comments

Legs McNeil, the co-founder of the revolutionary manifesto known simply as Punk Magazine, once stated that when rock and roll is done right, it is truly the Devil’s music. If this is the case, then the Devil has a helluva good taste in tunes. After accepting this theological pronouncement, the question then becomes: “who are […]

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