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Interview with DARK’s Nick Basile and Elias

Aug 10, 2016 No Comments

Written by Elias and directed by Nick Basile, Dark is a film about madness, fear, and the uncertainty of New York City plunged into darkness during the biggest blackout in history. After I finished Dark, I had some questions. I imagine most people would, but – being in the unique position to ask them – […]

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Dark Movie Review

May 31, 2016 No Comments

A couple of years ago, I reviewed a movie called Gut by writer/director Elias. The movie’s stuck in my head ever since, and not just because it was the first screener I had the pleasure of reviewing for Ravenous Monster. It was a meaty, thoughtful film, full of ideas and philosophy, and I’ve kept an […]

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You are Not Alone Movie Review

Apr 26, 2016 No Comments

An interesting trend has been emerging in horror tales of our modern age. One: The most compelling horror narratives are, increasingly, found outside of film. Video games and creepypasta are, in many ways, dominating the modern horror narrative. Two: Some of the most interesting and innovative horror films emerging from indie studios are tapping into […]

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Until Dawn Video Game Review

Apr 14, 2016 No Comments

There’s an emerging genre of video game that has swiftly become my favorite storytelling medium. They’re calling it the “interactive drama adventure game” – a mouthful that generally refers to a story-based game whose mechanics revolve around making plot-changing decisions. If you remember my review of TellTale’s The Walking Dead, it was one of these. […]

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Taghairm Game Review and Interview with Creator Chandler Groover

Nov 18, 2015 1 Comment

I will never forget my first Takashi Miike film. It was Ichi The Killer, and I was young – 17 or 18, tops. I watched it with my brother, with whom I share many tastes and who introduced me to many wonderful and terrible things. I remember watching the movie, transfixed, horrified, sickened and teetering […]

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A Plague So Pleasant Movie Review

Oct 13, 2015 No Comments

I have a confession to make. When A Plague So Pleasant crossed my desk as a potential review item, I chose it for entirely selfish reasons. You see, I am teetering on that uneasy precipice between “completely tired of zombies” and “aching to see something new done with them.” The idea of zombies as a […]

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Infernal Movie Review

May 07, 2015 No Comments

I have a special place in my heart for what I like the call the “haunted kid” film. Parenthood, rife as it is with anxieties and high stakes, is fertile ground for horror, and some of my favorite horror movies have staked their claim there. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch it, or […]

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Sick: Survive the Night Movie Review

Mar 10, 2015 No Comments

Sick: Survive the Night is a zombie survival film from Canadian writer/director Ryan M. Andrews.  The story takes place in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of a world that has been ravaged by zombies.  Governments have fallen, society has crumbled, and the survivors are broken out into disparate camps of survivalists and “vultures,” opportunists who will murder […]

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Spending the Night with Five Nights at Freddy’s

Jan 13, 2015 No Comments

The more I play these indie horror titles, the more I start to feel that video games are the perfect vehicle for modern horror stories.  Books and movies can be great, but they lack any sense of agency – you’re a passive observer, and you know that no matter what you do, the things you’re […]

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The Ecstasy of Isabel Mann Movie Review

Dec 23, 2014 No Comments

A while back, I had the opportunity to watch a creepy post-apocalyptic film called The Railway Children (now released by the name Children of a Darker Dawn) and interview the writer/director, Jason Figgis.  The film’s stuck with me since then thanks in large part to the amount of heart in the script – the image […]

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