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Sader Ridge Movie Review

Jul 31, 2013 No Comments

Director Jeremy Berg’s psychological horror-thriller Sader Ridge (The October People) is a refreshingly creepy film.  Where other movies might go for cheap scares and body horror, Sader Ridge is a quieter movie that relies on the strength of its performances and the implications of the unspoken to deliver a more thought-provoking fear. The film is about Sam […]

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The Conjuring Movie Review

Jul 19, 2013 3 Comments

The Conjuring hits on all the haunts…. James Wan, your seat is ready.  Following up the widely applauded INSIDIOUS should have proved to be much more difficult for the man who brought us gore by the gallons with the SAW series and buckets of heebie-jeebies with DEAD SILENCE. Yet, here I am proclaiming Mr. Wan […]

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Interview with THE SHADOW OF DEATH Director Gav Chuckie Steel

Jul 10, 2013 No Comments

Gav Chuckie Steel is one of those guys that just ooze horror.  He eats, dreams, and breathes the gory stuff.  This non-stop motor of his serves him spectacularly well in his directorial debut, a fantastic super low-budget flick titled The Shadow of Death.  If you haven’t checked out my review of the film, be sure […]

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The Shadow of Death Movie Review

Jun 23, 2013 No Comments

The best horror films are made by horror fans because we, as a genre community, are snobs. We like our deaths to be creative, our storylines to be thorough and our blood to be the right shade of red. We get it where other filmmakers and fans don’t. Gav Chuckie Steel gets it, and he […]

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Video Interview with Kane Hodder: Face to Face

Jun 16, 2013 No Comments

Kane Hodder jokes about his favorite chokes with RavMon while promoting Hatchet III at the Mad Monster horror convention (video below). The horror heavy weight talks about his new favorite kills and weighs in on who would win in a fight between disfigured, sociopathic swamp man Victor Crowley from Hatchet III (now playing in select […]

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Interview with Sv Bell of Black Flag Pictures/TV

Jun 12, 2013 No Comments

Many filmmakers only dream of becoming as multi-talented as Sv Bell of Black Flag Pictures and Black Flag TV. A Canadian comic book artist who took a turn into film, not only is Sv able to produce films on a shoestring budget, but he also runs a unique television network that broadcasts indie horror 24/7. […]

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The Purge Movie Review

Jun 09, 2013 No Comments

The Purge doesn’t fully “release the beast” in this creative approach to the home invasion thriller. Hardcore horror fans will be walking out of the theaters needing to binge on gore porn in the privacy of their homes to make up for the empty promises of violence and bloodshed The Purge offers. Buckets of blood […]

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Video Interview with David Naughton: An American Werewolf in North Carolina

May 26, 2013 No Comments

Actor, American werewolf, and a real pepper David Naughton reminisces with Ravenous Monster about his experiences in the 1981 horror classic An American Werewolf in London.  If you haven’t seen An American Werewolf or can’t recognize the face of David Naughton, I have no idea how you stumbled upon this page. You may need to regroup, refresh and possibly […]

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Interview with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD’s Russ Streiner

May 08, 2013 No Comments

Pittsburgh, PA – the Steel City, an industry leader in this great country. If the question were asked to name three figures that impacted this area, a multitude of answers would be given. The history buffs would drop names like Washington, Carnegie, and Mellon. Sports fans would retort with Clemente, Lambert, and Lemieux. Fans of […]

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The Awakening Movie Review

May 05, 2013 No Comments

Set in England’s time of mourning immediately after World War I Nick Murphy’s The Awakening follows professional supernatural hoax-exposer Florence Cathcart, in a children’s boarding school that is said to be haunted. Genre fans, you’re probably rolling their eyes at this set up, and rightfully so.  An old English building, creepy kids, and a period […]

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