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The Walking Dead Season 4 Final Grade

Mar 31, 2014 3 Comments

And just like that, Horror Fans, The Walking Dead season four finale is in the books.  I’ve written about this trendsetting smash of a series at length and the one recurrent unavoidable theme of that coverage has been my defense of it from those who don’t give much credence to things like characterization, human relationships, […]

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American Horror Story: Coven Season Review

Feb 05, 2014 No Comments

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Another season, another delirious and delicious entry into the American Horror Story vault.  First, there was a haunted house.  Then there was an asylum of horrors.  Wrapping up season three last week, we were smack-dab in the middle of the only known modern-day Coven in the world. There are many who will […]

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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review

Jan 26, 2014 No Comments

Beware, weary traveler…there be spoilers ahead! Who ever said history was boring? After a whirlwind first season that introduced a whole new generation to one of the most popular literary pieces of all time, FOX’s Sleepy Hollow was one of the most successful television series of the year. Some saw the series as simply a […]

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Midterm Report Card

Dec 02, 2013 No Comments

Warning:  Spoilers Ahead!  And, no, that’s not one of the handful of folksy, slangy pet names for zombies our heroes are fond of using.  The Walking Dead Season 4, Part 1 is over and the series is on hiatus until February 2014.  What begins as a profoundly dark if not fast paced season ends with […]

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Dexter Season 8 Review

Sep 23, 2013 1 Comment

At last, TV’s longest running murder spree has ended.  After eight seasons, Dexter, the Showtime cable network’s first significant original drama is no more.  And it seems like just yesterday we were all nervously contemplating the outcome of the Ice Truck Killer case. Beginning in 2006 and running every summer since then, the tales of […]

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Final Grade

Apr 03, 2013 2 Comments

The second half of The Walking Dead Season 3 on AMC is television that’s firing on all cylinders and, for this reviewer at least, that comes as a bit of a relief.  As I wrote at the hiatus, the first half of the season seemed to forget to allow its characters any space to breathe […]

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Dexter Season 7 Review

Dec 19, 2012 2 Comments

The seventh season of Showtime’s flagship series Dexter is now in the rearview mirror. So how was the trip, you ask? While we weren’t subjected to the crash-n’-burn fireball catastrophes that were the previous two seasons, the road this year still has its fair share of bumps and potholes. Overall, though, it’s a fun ride. […]

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Midterm Report Card

Dec 05, 2012 No Comments

Much like its protagonists, The Walking Dead was thrust into an unstable and sometimes dangerous environment on Halloween Night 2010. Up against television heavyweights including hit shows featured on the premium cable networks as well as NFL football, The Walking Dead merely hoped to survive. Now, halfway through its third season on AMC, The Walking […]

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Final Grade

Mar 25, 2012 No Comments

SPOILERS AHEAD! Season two of The Walking Dead on AMC is now safely in the rearview mirror and after unabashedly heaping praise upon this rare gem of TV terror in my Midterm Report Card, my initial take on the first half of season two remains true: The Walking Dead is among the very best television […]

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Dexter Season 6 Review

Dec 25, 2011 No Comments

Editor’s Note: Spoilers ahead! DEXTER SEASON 6 is in the books and I feel like I should be in mourning.  No, not because the hit Showtime series is built on a foundation of death, homicide in particular, but rather it seems as though last year’s fear that the show had jumped the shark has in […]

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