Watch the Full-Length Trailer for Jessica Cameron’s MANIA!

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Jessica Cameron, the infamous scream queen turned whirling dervish of the deranged and director of dangerous cinema, has bestowed horror fans with another glimpse of what’s next in her catalog of killer indie flicks.

We’ve reviewed her feature directorial debut Truth or Dare here and we’ve kept you up to date with all the news on Small Town Girl Productions as it’s dropped.  So, we’re happy to report that the full-length trailer for Cameron’s sophomore feature Mania is now available, and much like the previous teaser trailer, it’s full of blood, boobs, and lots o’ crazy.  Read on, to get the details on Mania and watch the trailer, Horror Fans….

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Mania is currently playing film festivals all around the world and has won 10 awards thus far.

Cameron’s second feature is produced by Mem Ferda, who also brought us Cameron’s first film Truth or Dare, which shocked audiences worldwide with its extreme, relentless violence. Mania is as uncompromising as its predecessor, but the violence is replaced with a lesbian sexuality that is as shocking as Truth or Dare‘s extreme gore.

Brooke makes a deadly mistake during a manic episode, forcing her and her lover to flee their home and embark on a sex-charged and gore-filled road trip. Can Mel bring Brooke back from the edge or is it too late for their love and their lives?

For more screening information and to keep up with the film’s release schedule please join Mania on Facebook and Twitter.




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