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Zombie: Lucio Fulci’s Walking Dead Opus

Jul 31, 2011 7 Comments by

On October 25th, 2011 Blue Underground is slated to unleash the definitive edition of Lucio Fulci’s 1979 walking dead opus, Zombie (Zombi 2), and on Blu-ray no less!  This pending release provides an excellent opportunity for another entry into Ravenous Monster’s horror movie retrospective series. Let’s talk about what Lucio Fulci’s Zombie is not.  It’s […]

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Non-Horror Horror: How to Genrefy Anything

Jul 24, 2011 No Comments by

If you’re like the ruck of humanity, when you’ve just fallen in love, you’re kind of like a sugar glider:[1] adorable, hyperactive, chatty, able to defy gravity through sheer exuberance, and annoying as all fuck.  When I discovered horror at the age of fourteen, it was puppy wuv at its most pustulently cloying.  Not until […]

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Interview with Author Madeleine Roux

Jul 17, 2011 No Comments by

My path to this interview was a strange one.  Let me explain: Back in February I was reading through Fangoria issue 301, cover-to-cover as I’m wont to do, when I got to the book reviews section.  The featured “Book of the Month” was yet another zombie novel.  This one was called Allison Hewitt is Trapped […]

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Interview with Author and Musician Jeremy Wagner

Jul 09, 2011 1 Comment by

Jeremy Wagner has bestowed the horror genre with sick and twisted offerings for over twenty years now.  As guitarist and lyricist for the band Broken Hope – a progenitor of brutal American death metal, and more recently as a novelist, Wagner has been attacking the mainstream on multiple fronts.  But it’s never come quickly or easily.  […]

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DEAD Journal: Diary of an Indie Filmmaker 2

Jul 03, 2011 No Comments by

The Master of Splatter, Tom Savini, once said, “Limitations, like no money, always make you more creative and the fun is creating that stuff.” I have always had a hyperactive imagination. The film bug first bit me as a freshman in high school. On a boring summer weekend with my sister and me hosting our […]

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