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IN FEAR OF: Phobia Fright Films Online

Oct 31, 2012 No Comments by

Some people are afraid of heights. Others are terrified of snakes, while still others can’t find themselves inside a stalled elevator without blowing gasket. These are phobias and it’s safe to say that everyone is afflicted in some way or another. It would seem a natural progression for these phobias to function as muses to […]

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Celebrating Halloween with the Horror Community

Oct 28, 2012 5 Comments by

Today, Horror Fans, we continue with our cavalcade of Halloween tales and traditions.  These stories are shared with us by some of the filmmakers, authors, actors, and entertainers we’ve covered over the years.  Their tales run the gamut from sweet to insane so it’s safe to say, there’s something here for everybody.  Enjoy! Jeremiah Kipp […]

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Celebrating Halloween with Ravenous Monster

Oct 24, 2012 4 Comments by

Today, Horror Fans, our talented contributors have taken a break from covering our beloved horror genre to share with you some of their favorite Halloween memories and traditions.  Enjoy…. Chris Thalman: As a kid I really enjoyed trick or treating, which may explain why I grew up to be a Democrat, since it involved asking […]

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Paranormal Activity 4 Movie Review

Oct 21, 2012 2 Comments by

Paranormal Activity 4: The movie that huffed and puffed but didn’t blow anything. [Insert your Ex-wife joke here] If you’re reading this, then you already know the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series, and I don’t have to give you any background on the five Ws. If you need a recap, my reviews of PA2 and PA3 can […]

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Wanted: New Horror Movie Icons

Oct 18, 2012 6 Comments by

Horror Fans, we have a problem.  An integral part of our beloved genre has been conspicuously absent the past couple of decades.  I’m referring to the almighty Horror Movie Icon. Soon after movies started being made in the way they continue to be made now – that is with sound – horror icons have been […]

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13 Days of Horrorween

Oct 17, 2012 No Comments by

Forget Rob Zombie and Martha Stewart, Robert “H-ween” Hibbs has got the best tips on how to make the most out of your 13 Days of Horrorween. Screw the 12 days of Christmas and Thanksgiving (AKA National Pre- Black Friday Carbo-Load Day). If you’re like me you love the chill in the air right about […]

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Sinister Movie Review

Oct 15, 2012 No Comments by

Child-eating demons put Ethan Hawke through a different kind of Training Day in Scott Derrickson’s Sinister. Jason Blum–producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious–and writer-director Scott Derrickson of Hellraiser: Inferno infamy bring viewers a creative take on the found footage genre by pitting Ethan Hawke against the child-eating pagan deity Bughuul that actually gets its evil […]

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Dread: The Best Torture Porn You’ve Never Heard Of

Oct 10, 2012 No Comments by

After my last article about haunted attractions, I got bit by the Halloween bug pretty hard.  Combined with the chilly weather, I quickly found myself loading up my Netflix queue with horror movies.  Subsequently, I’ve watched a lot of them over the last week, ranging from the downright terrible to the surprisingly competent.  I knew […]

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The Martian War Book Review

Oct 07, 2012 No Comments by

The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Invasion As Reported by Mr. H.G. Wells and an even more thrilling and sensational review hot from the yellow presses and beamed across the whole planet through wacky wires and banshee screams by Mr. R. J. Hibbs in association with the good people at Ravenous […]

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Haunted Attractions: Horror Movies and Video Games Made Real

Oct 03, 2012 No Comments by

There’s a lot to be said about the idea of survival horror video games as the most immersive horror experience.  The allure of climbing into a character persona and facing – and overcoming – horrifying challenges is both thrilling and empowering, and the best games are simultaneously thrilling and completely haunting.  If there’s one thing […]

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