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Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Leggedy Beasties VII: Jack O’ Lanterns

Oct 31, 2013 No Comments by

In late October of my freshman year of college, I was failing every creative writing class on my schedule.  My personal narrative, “How I want to be a Horror Writer and Shit” (full text: “I want to be a horror writer because I like to scare people and chicks like guys who are bad boy […]

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Interview with Filmmaker Stuart Gordon: Re-Animating a Literary Icon

Oct 29, 2013 5 Comments by

Stuart Gordon has an extensive resume that features five H.P. Lovecraft adaptations, a Hollywood blockbuster and a number of features that have gone criminally ignored by the mainstream.  Following his big break in 1985 with the cult classic RE-ANIMATOR, Gordon went on to helm FROM BEYOND, DOLLS, CASTLE FREAK and DAGON, just to name a […]

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Anno Dracula: Johnny Alucard (Anno Dracula, 1976-1991) Book Review

Oct 27, 2013 No Comments by

Highly referential fiction is a difficult proposition. Obviously, the main concern for any scribbler is the question of “Will anyone get my references?” Nobody wants to bash the reader over the head, but similarly, nobody wants to write something so occult that nobody picks up on it. After all, from the writer’s perspective, the point […]

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Interview with Jim Millspaugh: Haunted Attraction Professor

Oct 24, 2013 No Comments by

Interview with Jim Millspaugh: Professor of the Haunted Attraction by Justin Hamelin “I was born to scare people.  I love it.” Well that about sums it up doesn’t it? Jim Millspaugh is one of those men who eat, sleep and breathe the Halloween season.  When he isn’t scaring at the local haunt as his alias, […]

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Thea Lewis: Ghost Guru of Vermont’s Queen City Ghostwalk

Oct 22, 2013 No Comments by

As soon as the Pilgrims got off that boat in 1620, they were telling ghost stories. Ghost stories were in their bloodstream, and their Calvinist religion, with its heavy emphasis on sin and fate, made them predisposed to a certain type of fatalism. What they found in the New World only exacerbated this worldview. Massachusetts […]

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R.I.P. Svengoolie: The Baron of Berwyn

Oct 20, 2013 3 Comments by

You may not believe it, but there was a time when I had ambitions to be something other than a medical pioneer with dreams of bringing the dead back to life and creating new species of animals. Yes, fiends, there was a time when Dr. Mality ached to be a genuine TV STAR. But not […]

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Video Interview with Ashlynn Yennie and Laurence R. Harvey of Human Centipede II

Oct 18, 2013 No Comments by

Stand up comedian and horror aficionado Rob Hibbs asks the question on everyone’s mind about Human Centipede…Why?  Specifically, what would compel an actor to expose his or her vulnerable underbelly in a project this CRAZY?!  Get the goods straight from the stars of Human Centipede II, Ashlynn Yennie and Laurence R. Harvey and learn what they’re doing next! […]

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Horror Anthology Series TALES OF LIGHT & DARK Set to Debut Halloween Online

Oct 16, 2013 No Comments by

October 15, 2013—Award winning filmmaker, Glen Baisley, best known for his horror movies (available on NetFlix and Amazon Instant Video) featuring Light & Dark Productions’ staple villain, the Black Rose Killer, has turned his attention to the web to spin new tales of madness, murder and mayhem in a new anthology series entitled TALES OF […]

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Hammer’s Forgotten Horrors: John Gilling’s Three Horror Classics from the 1960s

Oct 16, 2013 3 Comments by

Death is an incident producing clay. Use it, mould it, learn from it. ~John Gilling (1912-1985) When people speak of Hammer Film Productions, they usually speak with a resounding sense of awe. This is done with good reason, for the London-based studio helped to keep traditional and even gothic horror alive during the science fiction-dominated […]

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Hudson Horror Show 8 Announced for November 16th

Oct 15, 2013 No Comments by

Hudson Horror Show 8 has been announced.  It will take place at Silver Cinemas South Hills 8 in Poughkeepsie, NY on Saturday, November 16th at 1PM.  This year’s theme is 35MM horror and exploitation and the fest features a great lineup.  To find out more, see the full press release below. New York–Hudson Horror Show […]

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