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Devil’s Mile Movie Review

Jul 30, 2014 No Comments by

Horror, like a lot of pop culture, comes in waves with different splashes. First there were the German silent films that promoted an Expressionist chiaroscuro of dread, then came the Universal monster films of the 1930s, which combined German-style cinematography with American-born notions of perversity and evil. Of course there were other styles and influences […]

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Sherlock Holmes: Gods of War Book Review

Jul 24, 2014 No Comments by

There are many Sherlockians out there right now. Frankly, it’s a Sherlockian world, and the tremendously popular BBC series isn’t showing any signs of letting up. I remember once speaking to an English professor that I respected about how certain writers come in and out of fashion. My case in point at the time was […]

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Bunnyman Massacre Movie Review

Jul 20, 2014 No Comments by

My friend Zach and I sat down to watch director Carl Lindbergh’s BUNNYMAN MASSACRE –sequel to the divisive film BUNNYMAN–some nights ago. Although I have not had the opportunity to see and, therefore, hold no opinion on the latter, I certainly feel like I’ve had enough of this series with the former. Ye Gods, enough, […]

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Hudson Horror Show IX to Showcase MANIAC and More this August

Jul 07, 2014 No Comments by

The good folks behind one of the best-regarded horror film festivals in the U.S. are at it again in August.  Read the press release below. 07-07-2014—The movie festival that even modern technology could not kill, Hudson Horror Show, is back from the grave and hungry for your soul!  Hudson Horror Show IX, will be at the […]

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Horror Authors’ Bookshelves: Brian Moreland

Jul 01, 2014 No Comments by

From the darkness has curiosity ever reached out and struck you?  Has it caused you to wonder about your favorite genre writers and what’s on their bookshelves?  It’s reached out and struck me.  Do they have some classic pulp detective novels?  What about graphic novel collections?  Maybe the severed head of the poor unfortunate soul […]

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