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Phobia Movie Review

Nov 27, 2014 1 Comment by

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, psychological horror is kind of my “thing.”  I’ll watch anything, but nothing gets under my skin in just the right way quite like a good, meaty mind-fuck movie that raises some serious questions about the nature of reality. So knowing that, it’s probably not a surprise […]

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The Robert Englund V.I.P. Experience: Wizard World Ohio

Nov 25, 2014 No Comments by

This past Halloween, in lieu of tormenting the kids who were trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, I decided to take a three to four-hour road trip to Columbus, OH. Why would I forgo the opportunity to pass out candy dressed up as an axe murderer, you ask? One name: Robert Englund. When I found out that […]

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Arterial Homes for Robotic Golems: Robert Bloch in the Movies Part Three

Nov 19, 2014 No Comments by

Anthologies from Hell, Part Two: The House That Dripped Blood After The Torture Garden, Bloch and Amicus would not make another film together for four years. In that time Bloch continued to write for himself and for television, while Amicus kept trying to outdo and outsell Hammer. During the sixties, Amicus was on the losing […]

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Read or Else: The Pumpkin Man by John Everson

Nov 13, 2014 No Comments by

You feel the dried page against your finger and hear a subtle crack as you gingerly turn it.  The book’s spine is stiff and you look down, taking in the yellowed paper.   In the dimly lit room you smile coyly to yourself.  The book is well-worn; others have held it before you and felt the […]

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No Laughing Aloud: An Interview with Butterfly Skin Author Sergey Kuznetsov

Nov 11, 2014 No Comments by

Sergey Kuznetsov is a serious man. A seriously talented man, yes, but serious nonetheless. Butterfly Skin, Kuznetsov’s most recent novel, is a serial killer tale set in modern-day Moscow. Although at times graphically violent and even more graphically sexual, Kuznetsov wants to assure his readers that Butterfly Skin is about love. Well, love and violence, […]

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The Butchers Movie Review

Nov 06, 2014 No Comments by

Director Steven Paul Judd’s The Butchers has a familiar premise: Strangers on a journey become mired in a strange situation. It’s a tale as old as the Canterbury Tales of Chaucer in the fourteenth century. However, instead of a storm and an inn, this tale involves a bus on its way to the Grand Canyon […]

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Horns: Book vs. Movie

Nov 04, 2014 3 Comments by

As a very big fan of Joe Hill’s sophomore novel Horns, I was awaiting Alexandre Aja’s film adaptation with much anticipation. Piranha and Haute Tension are great movies, showing a diversity of ability.  Even his weaker efforts such as Mirrors and The Hills Have Eyes remake are never dull, and his direction is always exciting […]

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