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Gates of Hell Part III: Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery

Jan 29, 2015 1 Comment by

By this point, I hope you know the deal. 1981’s The House By the Cemetery (Quella villa accanto al cimitero), which features in the opening of the video for the band Entombed’s “Left Hand Path,” is, to quote a Time Out magazine review, “cut-price spaghetti gore cooked up from the not exactly brand-new narrative premise […]

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American Horror Story: Freak Show Season Review

Jan 27, 2015 No Comments by

This being the fourth season of the American Horror Story vehicle, I was really looking forward to the show taking on one of the most intriguing and taboo topics in the world of horror—the freak show.  Like most, I was overjoyed the read that the usual suspects from the first three seasons were returning.  Like […]

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Treehouse Movie Review

Jan 22, 2015 No Comments by

It’s the quintessential American story. Two boys set out to have some fun and fireworks in the woods. Who knows? They might get lucky. At least one of them is banking on it (he’s bringing along condoms and candles, for Peter’s sake), while the other one doesn’t need to bank because he’s pure money. Unfortunately, […]

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Ninjas vs. Monsters Movie Review

Jan 20, 2015 No Comments by

Justin Timpane’s Ninjas vs. Monsters is the third installment in a series built upon the premise of ninjas fighting sundry supernatural malefactors. It really isn’t a very difficult concept to grasp, honestly. The films are famous chiefly for their low budget and presumably humorous approach, as well as the having Blair Witch Project‘s Eduardo Sanchez […]

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The Only Thing We Can Do About Lovecraft, Racism, and the World Fantasy Award Statue

Jan 15, 2015 18 Comments by

That David Duke-worthy ass-canker was written by my favorite author, the same man who revealed to me the mysteries of dreaming Cthulhu, the machinations of the Fungi from Yuggoth, the unholy prophecies of the Necronomicon, the ravenous and unidentifiable “colour” out of space. He changed my world irrevocably.

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Spending the Night with Five Nights at Freddy’s

Jan 13, 2015 No Comments by

The more I play these indie horror titles, the more I start to feel that video games are the perfect vehicle for modern horror stories.  Books and movies can be great, but they lack any sense of agency – you’re a passive observer, and you know that no matter what you do, the things you’re […]

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THE DEVIL COMMANDS…and Karloff Obeys!

Jan 08, 2015 1 Comment by

The fraternity of mad scientists is a tight-knit one. I ought to know, I’ve been a part of it for a while now. Admittedly, I might not be the highest ranking member, but I know a thing or two about my profession. There are certain great names from the past that I draw a lot […]

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Gates of Hell Part II: Fulci’s The Beyond

Jan 06, 2015 1 Comment by

Lucio Fulci has never hidden his admiration for Antonin Artaud, the French Surrealist who first articulated the idea of the “Theatre of Cruelty.” According to his 1938 book The Theatre and Its Double, Artaud envisioned the Theatre of Cruelty as a decidedly nonlinear form of performance art that eschewed such typically Western niceties as a […]

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Ravenous Monster 2014 Year in Horror

Jan 01, 2015 No Comments by

Happy New Year, you sickos! A handful of our contributors offered up their favorite bits of horror media from the past year.  Check it out, Horror Fans…. Justin Hamelin: I will be the first to admit, I fell off of my horror game quite a bit in 2014.  Not only did I miss out on […]

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