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Clive Barker’s THE SCARLET GOSPELS Book Review

Jul 30, 2015 No Comments by

Clive Barker has gotten the band back together. The Scarlet Gospels is his first full-length adult novel since 2007’s amazing Cold Heart Canyon, and brings two of his favorite and best known characters together. The Hell Priest known as Pinhead and the noir-influenced paranormal detective Harry D’Amour. Each of these characters brings with them a […]

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Shadow World: The Haunting of Mysti Delane Movie Review

Jul 28, 2015 No Comments by

It all started like a horror movie. A set of four DVDs came in the mail without much in the way of markings. Just silver discs with titles on them. The studio, Sector 5, could’ve been real or fake. I had never heard of them, that’s for sure. Anyway, this was my assignment: pick them […]

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Revolutionary Stop-Motion Monster Movie STEEL CUT OATS Launches on Kickstarter

Jul 23, 2015 No Comments by

After we lost Ray Harryhausen two years ago, a lot of people in the genre community saw it as not only the death of a monumental man and artist, but also the death of an era of cinema and with it an entire storied technique and aesthetic. While that is certainly arguable, let’s not memorialize […]

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Redwood Massacre Movie Review

Jul 22, 2015 No Comments by

Summer is a great time for camping. It’s also a great time to check out new films. When I first read the synopsis for Redwood Massacre, the newest release from Uncork’d Entertainment, it sounded like it could either be a hit or a miss. I mean, if you’re a regular movie watcher, how many times […]

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Interview with Filmmaker Staci Layne Wilson

Jul 16, 2015 No Comments by

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A California kid with creative parents grows up to make a living in the entertainment industry. The end. This cliché does and most emphatically does not describe filmmaker Staci Layne Wilson—dad’s a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer as a member of The Ventures and mom’s a […]

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Interview with Legendary Filmmaker Tom Holland

Jul 14, 2015 3 Comments by

Tom Holland has enjoyed a successful career in Hollywood.  As a writer, Mr. Holland wrote one of the most ambitious sequels in film history with Psycho II, starring Anthony Perkins twenty-two years after everyone’s favorite mama’s boy first tore onto the scene.  As a director, he’s created the world’s scariest doll and made vampires cool […]

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We Are Still Here Movie Review

Jul 10, 2015 No Comments by

It’s billed as an homage to Lucio Fulci, and at times, it feels superior. We Are Still Here, which is Ted Geoghegan’s debut full-length film as a director, touches the Fulci basics: it’s got gore, an isolated house in New England, a troubled family dealing with grief, a clairvoyant, a vaguely Lovecraftian plot, and a […]

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Star Leaf Movie Review

Jul 07, 2015 2 Comments by

Richard Cranor’s Star Leaf is a film about many things, including aliens, personal demons, rules, deceit, horror, and lastly—surprisingly—marijuana. For a film that is about three friends trekking through the thick wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to find and toke up on an extraterrestrial strain of weed, though, there is surprisingly little of the tropes […]

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Goblin Rebirth Album Review

Jul 02, 2015 2 Comments by

It’s pretty much impossible to imagine Italian horror cinema without also thinking of Goblin.  Their eerie cinematic soundscapes provided the soundtrack to sudden bloody death and the arrival of demonic evil. I would argue that their soundtrack to Suspiria is not only the best modern horror score but also the LOUDEST. If you remove the […]

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