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Fire City: End of Days Movie Review

Oct 29, 2015 No Comments by

Tom Woodruff, Jr. has made a living as one of the best special effects guys in the business. Having worked on a variety of projects including the Tremors franchise, Starship Troopers and AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Woodruff has been in the monster business for a long time and knows what he’s doing.  Recently, though, the […]

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Backwater Movie Review

Oct 27, 2015 No Comments by

Movies with a camping motif usually end up in one of two, well, camps — comedy or horror. With Backwater, director Christopher Schrack intends the latter but unintentionally earns a few head-scratching chuckles. There’s the unexplained Australian accent of Cass (Liana Werner-Gray), the shattered rear window that’s mistakenly called a windshield, and the l-o-n-g pauses […]

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Chairshots to the Pumpkinhead: Halloween Havoc Part 2

Oct 22, 2015 No Comments by

During the last installment of “Chairshots to the Pumpkinhead,” we looked at the highest highs of WCW’s Halloween Havoc. From grueling and intense matches to gimmicks that worked, these Halloween Havoc highs made the product worth viewing. But, just as every piece of Halloween candy turns into righteous mud in the stomach, Halloween Havoc had […]

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Crimson Peak Movie Review

Oct 20, 2015 No Comments by

When the dust settles and the history of late twentieth and early 21st century cinema is written, I predict that our preeminent fantasist will not be George Lucas, Peter Jackson, or the Wachowskis, but Guillermo Del Toro. Fighting words, when a good 95% of you are excitedly reposting the new Star Wars trailer, but I […]

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Chairshots to the Pumpkinhead: Halloween Havoc Part 1

Oct 15, 2015 No Comments by

Pardon me real quick while I adjust my horn-rimmed glasses before starting. Now that everything is in place, I can begin. I was into wrestling before it was cool. Before Hulk Hogan’s heel turn at the 1996 installment of Bash at the Beach and before Stone Cold Steve Austin won the world title at WrestleMania […]

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A Plague So Pleasant Movie Review

Oct 13, 2015 No Comments by

I have a confession to make. When A Plague So Pleasant crossed my desk as a potential review item, I chose it for entirely selfish reasons. You see, I am teetering on that uneasy precipice between “completely tired of zombies” and “aching to see something new done with them.” The idea of zombies as a […]

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American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 1 Review

Oct 09, 2015 No Comments by

Remember how Star Wars fans felt about Jar Jar Binks? That’s how I feel about American Horror Story. Both represent the same sort of disdain for the source material, but whereas Jar Jar just shat on one franchise, American Horror Story has, for four seasons straight, soiled an entire genre. Created by Ryan Murphy and […]

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Fear the Walking Dead Final Grade

Oct 05, 2015 No Comments by

For a show that got off to a slow start, Fear the Walking Dead proved itself to be a solid zombie series by the end of its inaugural season. With the initial season of six episodes now complete and aired, we’re left with the desire for more, a feeling that is very familiar to those […]

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