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The Walking Dead Season 6 Midterm Report Card

Nov 30, 2015 No Comments by

Although much has been made about the fact that ratings have slipped at points during the latest season of AMC’s flagship drama The Walking Dead, the first eight episodes of its sixth season continue to be the monstrous pop-cultural phenomenon that no one saw coming back in 2010. Season 6 begins with our heroes still […]

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The Lazarus Gate Book Review

Nov 24, 2015 No Comments by

Rather like zombies and superheroes, steampunk is starting to crumble beneath the weight of its popularity. An endless avalanche of “hop aboard the bandwagon” creators has diluted its freshness. Many books set in the Victorian era feature stock characters like the usual “Polly Parasol” type, a proper Englishwoman who enjoys tea after kicking the ass […]

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Taghairm Game Review and Interview with Creator Chandler Groover

Nov 18, 2015 1 Comment by

I will never forget my first Takashi Miike film. It was Ichi The Killer, and I was young – 17 or 18, tops. I watched it with my brother, with whom I share many tastes and who introduced me to many wonderful and terrible things. I remember watching the movie, transfixed, horrified, sickened and teetering […]

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The Horror Network Movie Review

Nov 12, 2015 No Comments by

Considering The Horror Network Vol. 1 has been floating in the ether – if not in theaters – for a year or two, we’re a little late to the party with this review. But let’s assume compliments have no expiration date. As anthologies go, this won’t rank up there with Creepshow or even venerable TV […]

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The Society of Blood: Obsidian Heart Book Review

Nov 10, 2015 No Comments by

In case the name isn’t immediately familiar to you, Mark Morris has written for and about some of your favorite television shows. The first and most important of these is Doctor Who. Besides scripting episodes, Morris has written numerous audio stories and novels within the Doctor Who universe. He’s also the man responsible for Bay […]

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Windsor Drive Movie Review

Nov 05, 2015 No Comments by

So let’s imagine you go to film school, fall in love with, say, David Lynch, learn every trick in the book , hire a few pretty actors, write a gaggle of disconnected sentences, throw it all into a blender and push the button for puree. What dribbles out is some slushy mess called Windsor Drive. […]

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Goosebumps: A Loving Retrospective

Nov 03, 2015 2 Comments by

“I feel happy to terrify kids.” – R.L Stine From 1992 to 1997, R.L. Stine spooked children across the globe with sixty-two books. Not only were the stories deliciously devious, but the book cover art provided by Tim Jacobus was equally unnerving and the titles were just – mwwwauh!—perfecto.  350 million copies later and Goosebumps […]

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