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The Invitation Movie Review

Apr 28, 2016 1 Comment by

Take the pill and the drink the Kool-Aid. Don’t worry about the ATF agents on the other side of the compound. We have to leave this earth if we want to meet the mothership. But, before we go, let’s creepy crawl some pigs. This is cultspeak—a second language for most with-it Americans. For the sane […]

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You are Not Alone Movie Review

Apr 26, 2016 No Comments by

An interesting trend has been emerging in horror tales of our modern age. One: The most compelling horror narratives are, increasingly, found outside of film. Video games and creepypasta are, in many ways, dominating the modern horror narrative. Two: Some of the most interesting and innovative horror films emerging from indie studios are tapping into […]

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Bunny the Killer Thing Movie Review

Apr 21, 2016 No Comments by

Finland is a magical, mystical country. It snows all the time, metal is always on the radio, and eleven months out of the year you can catch Santa Claus relaxing at his home in Rovaniemi. Finland is also sex-obsessed, pussy-obsessed, and dick-obsessed. Finland is the kind of place where redneck mad scientists engineer walking fuck […]

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Decay Movie Review

Apr 19, 2016 No Comments by

At fourteen or so, I asked my Dad what a necrophile was, to which he replied, “people who make love to the dead.” Retelling this story recently, I mocked what I took for a prim semantic detour around calling a corpse-fucker a corpse-fucker.[1] For Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, love had nothing to do with […]

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14th Annual Rondo Award Winners Announced; Ravenous Monster Scores Two

Apr 15, 2016 2 Comments by

Late last night, the winners of the 14th annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards were announced. The winning nominees ran the gamut, from newer horror and sci-fi to the bevy of the expected classic horror coverage and curation. It was our great honor to have not only been nominated in two categories this year, but […]

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Until Dawn Video Game Review

Apr 14, 2016 No Comments by

There’s an emerging genre of video game that has swiftly become my favorite storytelling medium. They’re calling it the “interactive drama adventure game” – a mouthful that generally refers to a story-based game whose mechanics revolve around making plot-changing decisions. If you remember my review of TellTale’s The Walking Dead, it was one of these. […]

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Blood Rush Movie Review

Apr 12, 2016 1 Comment by

Ahhhh, we love us some Michael Madsen. Is there anything scarier, more shocking, frigidly colder in cinematic history than Reservoir Dog’s Vic Vega, aka Mr. Blonde, mutilating a cop while singing/dancing along to “Stuck in the Middle with You”? Conscience? Uh, no. But we digress, except to say Madsen is back — sort of — […]

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Scream Queen Jessica Cameron Announces AN ENDING

Apr 11, 2016 No Comments by

We’ve covered Ms. Cameron here before, Horror Fans. But if you’re new to the ghastly confines of RavMon, then the one thing about Jessica Cameron you should know is that she’s a one-woman industry—an irresistible force and a prolific horror filmmaker who’s produced, directed, starred in, and promoted an unbelievable number of well-made independent genre […]

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Aimy in a Cage Movie Review

Apr 07, 2016 1 Comment by

Do you like it weird, spontaneous, fun, and full of strange sights and sounds? If that’s how you like your movie experience, director Hooroo Jackson’s Aimy in a Cage is certainly the movie for you. While not a psychedelic cinematic masterpiece on par with the work of Terry Gilliam, this movie is a delightful 79 […]

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Final Grade

Apr 04, 2016 No Comments by

The second half of The Walking Dead’s sixth season is in the books and AMC’s Sunday-night juggernaut continues to shamble forth and devour the competition. This semi-season is packed with high-stakes drama, darkness, and no-holds-barred collateral damage and while the series remains successful in those ways, it also fails just as spectacularly in a few […]

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