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Interview with Horror Artist Jason Brower

Jun 08, 2016 No Comments

A handful of years ago, New York’s Jason Brower found his expressive niche. He draws and paints pictures of creepy, crazy, crusty, and cool pop-culture. From Garbage Pail Kids and Star Wars to Sir Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, Brower’s work runs the gamut of the fantastic and the frightening. Hot off his recent Rondo […]

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Interview with Iconic Actress Dee Wallace

Jun 06, 2016 No Comments

Dee Wallace can be called many things – a mother, a self-help guru, a multi-talented actress, and arguably the most beloved cinematic parent of all time. Wallace is the mother of a generation of film fanatics, starring in E.T., Critters, and Cujo. As Karen White in The Howling, she instantly became my favorite horror leading […]

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Girl in Woods Movie Review

Jun 02, 2016 No Comments

One topic I enjoy covering in my own work is sanity versus insanity. The question of whether any of us are truly sane is one that never fails to keep me searching for the right answer. While we may never really know (nor will there ever really be a ‘right’ answer, in my opinion), it’s […]

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