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Filming Begins on 308 ENTERTAINMENT’s Horror Movie THE NINTH PASSENGER

Jul 28, 2016 No Comments by

Upstart production company 308 Enterprises is planning to shoot several movies in Vancouver, Canada and the horror flick The Ninth Passenger is up next.  Boasting an experienced cast and a great concept, The Ninth Passenger stands a good chance to be the first of many genre projects to come utilizing this same game plan.  Read […]

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Interview with FANGORIA Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Ken Hanley

Jul 27, 2016 No Comments by

When FANGORIA first hit the newsstands in 1979, the world, both the real one and the horror-centric one that so many of us choose to indulge ourselves in whenever possible, was a much different place.  Trailer leaks, Comic Cons, digital publishing and, frankly, competition simply weren’t issues for FANGO upon its debut.  The magazine that […]

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Cthulhu Lies Dreaming Book Review

Jul 26, 2016 No Comments by

Cthulhu Lies Dreaming is an anthology of Lovecraftian short stories from Ghostwoods Books edited by Salomé Jones. She had previously edited the well-received Lovecraftian anthology Cthulhu Lives, reviewed here last year by a most notable and modest writer of great literary prowess (Me). Is this new anthology another hit for Jones, or will it sink […]

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Observance Movie Review

Jul 25, 2016 1 Comment by

It’s hard not to compare surveillance films to 1974’s The Conversation. Coppola’s thriller wrote the book on cinematic paranoia, and the only thing that’s come close to besting it is the German film The Lives of Others. Observance isn’t in the same league as those two films, but it’s one of the better “Somebody is […]

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The Perfect Husband Movie Review

Jul 20, 2016 No Comments by

The film crew on The Perfect Husband had every reason to feel good after the wrap. They had a pretty good script, a visionary director in Lucas Pavetto, a gorgeous setting and two attractive leads in Gabriella Wright (as Viola) and Bret Roberts (as her husband, Nicola). It’s a shame, then, that a bit of […]

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Artsploitation Films Brings OBSERVANCE to DVD and Blu-Ray this August

Jul 18, 2016 No Comments by

The current leaders in bringing us the newest challenging horror and exploitation flicks the world has to offer is far and away Artsploitation Films and come August 2nd they will deliver the ultra-unnerving horror tale Observance. Read the full press release and watch the trailer below, Horror Fans…. With the dread-infused claustrophobia of Polanski’s The […]

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TALES OF POE Combines Classic Horror Stories and Iconic Scream Queens in New Trailer

Jul 13, 2016 No Comments by

What happens when you combine two of the most accomplished independent horror directors working today, five iconic scream queens from some of the most beloved horror flicks of the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, and ‘10s, and three of the creepiest stories by the great Edgar Allan Poe? Well, that’s easy. You get Tales of Poe, an […]

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Interview with Cadabra Records’ Jonathan Dennison

Jul 11, 2016 No Comments by

Greetings, humanoids! Those of you who have been following Ravenous Monster for a while now may have already checked out some of my reviews of Cadabra Records’ macabre products. In the past, I’ve looked at their vinyl release of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Hound/The Music of Erich Zann” and also Lee Brown Coye’s “Where Is Abby? […]

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Throw 1981 to the Wolves: THE HOWLING and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON Retrospectives

Jul 07, 2016 4 Comments by

1981 was an amazing year. The word internet was first mentioned. Lady Diana married Charles, the Prince of Wales. The first flight of the US space shuttle Columbia took place. Muhammad Ali retired with a record of 55-5. Researchers found the Titanic wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic. Peter Sutcliffe, also known as the […]

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Model Hunger Movie Review

Jul 06, 2016 No Comments by

Indie film stalwart Debbie Rochon’s directorial debut Model Hunger is a pretty straight forward catch-the-killer story couched in oddities that have the potential to either titillate or turn off audiences. Readers of this website are likely to find themselves on Team Titillate, and that’s a good thing. Ginny (Lynn Lowry) is a former pinup model […]

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