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Godzilla’s Fearsome Five

Oct 10, 2016 No Comments

Greetings, monster maniacs! Among my many areas of scientific expertise is the arcane study of kaijuology. This is the discipline devoted to the examination of giant city-wrecking monsters, particularly those centered on the isle of Japan. These towering abominations, known as “kaiju” in Japan, have been a subject of endless fascination for not just the […]

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Wild Eye Releasing to distribute Slasher Sensation BONEJANGLES

Oct 05, 2016 No Comments

Good news, RavMon Readers!  Our friends at Wild Eye Releasing will distribute Brett DeJager’s film festival fiesta Bonejangles.  DeJager’s slasher flick is an extremely entertaining throwback to the slashers of yore, embodying both the aesthetic and the attitude of what made the decade of parachute pants such a great one for unstoppable killers.  Read the […]

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Trick or Treat Taglines: Five B-Movie Gems to watch this Halloween

Oct 04, 2016 No Comments

Most holidays boast a rather benign greeting of sorts. Think “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukah.” But only Halloween boasts the combination of innocence and mischief rolled into “Trick or Treat.” Let’s face it: the implication is you give me candy … or else. Nearly everyone has experienced the “or else,” be it soaped windows, toilet-papered […]

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Goodbye to the Godfather of Gore: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Oct 03, 2016 1 Comment

You don’t get the nickname “Godfather of Gore” by accident and it certainly takes a special kind of person to live up to that name.  With over forty films to his credit, most of them as director, producer, or both, Herschell Gordon Lewis was a man truly ahead of his time. Lewis was born on […]

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