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Winterskin Movie Review

May 29, 2019 No Comments by

Does a movie centered on an old woman and a wounded young man stuck in a cabin in a desolate wintry landscape sound scary? What if one were to add in the premise of skinless monsters hellbent on flaying and eating the skin of their victims? Winterskin from director Charlie Steeds certainly has a lot […]

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Crazed Movie Review

Dec 05, 2016 No Comments by

Crazed is director Kevin A. McCarthy‘s contribution to the large canon of renegade cop films. While the genre hit its heyday nearly thirty years ago, the idea of an officer of the law gone rogue still fascinates as much as it always has. Has Crazed succeeded in getting away with it or is this one […]

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Halloween Party Movie Review

Sep 22, 2016 No Comments by

Linda Palmer‘s Halloween Party is the story of a night of debauchery and self-discovery amidst costumes, booze, and music on the scariest (and most fun!) night of the year. But, for one woman on the hunt for a good man, it seems like it’ll be a dud night like any other. Will the spirits lead […]

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Cthulhu Lies Dreaming Book Review

Jul 26, 2016 No Comments by

Cthulhu Lies Dreaming is an anthology of Lovecraftian short stories from Ghostwoods Books edited by Salomé Jones. She had previously edited the well-received Lovecraftian anthology Cthulhu Lives, reviewed here last year by a most notable and modest writer of great literary prowess (Me). Is this new anthology another hit for Jones, or will it sink […]

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The Lurking Fear Movie Review

Jul 05, 2016 No Comments by

Apart from a couple names, the title, and an association with the paranormal, The Lurking Fear is a 1994 film that shares little with the H.P. Lovecraft story from whence came its title. This tale of a ghoul-assailed town from director C. Courtney Joyner and finally released on Blu-ray by Full Moon Features is a […]

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Alienated Movie Review

May 10, 2016 No Comments by

Alien abductions are almost always unpleasant experiences—take it from me. They are scary, fleeting, fragmented episodes that come back in waves of terrifying recollection. Thus, they are a great topic for any horror movie dealing with extraterrestrial life. Brian Ackley’s Alienated is a film about ominous UFO sightings and a crumbling relationship. The probing question […]

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Aimy in a Cage Movie Review

Apr 07, 2016 1 Comment by

Do you like it weird, spontaneous, fun, and full of strange sights and sounds? If that’s how you like your movie experience, director Hooroo Jackson’s Aimy in a Cage is certainly the movie for you. While not a psychedelic cinematic masterpiece on par with the work of Terry Gilliam, this movie is a delightful 79 […]

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Star Leaf Movie Review

Jul 07, 2015 2 Comments by

Richard Cranor’s Star Leaf is a film about many things, including aliens, personal demons, rules, deceit, horror, and lastly—surprisingly—marijuana. For a film that is about three friends trekking through the thick wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to find and toke up on an extraterrestrial strain of weed, though, there is surprisingly little of the tropes […]

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Horsehead Movie Review

Jun 18, 2015 No Comments by

Director Romain Basset’s 2014 film Horsehead takes the viewer on a surreal journey into a young woman’s oneiric labyrinth as she deals with nebulous and frightening memories. After watching it, more questions than answers remain. It’s Basset’s first full-length film and what a film it is!  Starring the marvelously named Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, this movie will […]

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The Encounter Movie Review

May 26, 2015 No Comments by

What happens when you mix zombies, aliens, lots of cameras, and the rugged mountain woodlands of the Southwest? You get Robert Conway’s The Encounter, coming out on June 2nd for your viewing pleasure. Sure, the ingredients are all there, but does this found-footage sci-fi jaunt in the woods have the scares? The Encounter is actually […]

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