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Clive Barker’s THE SCARLET GOSPELS Book Review

Jul 30, 2015 No Comments

Clive Barker has gotten the band back together. The Scarlet Gospels is his first full-length adult novel since 2007’s amazing Cold Heart Canyon, and brings two of his favorite and best known characters together. The Hell Priest known as Pinhead and the noir-influenced paranormal detective Harry D’Amour. Each of these characters brings with them a […]

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The Silence Book Review

Jun 23, 2015 No Comments

Whether it be television, film or literature, mankind’s untimely demise in the form of the apocalypse has been microwaved so many times, it’s long since tasted like rubber. Thankfully, there are authors like Tim Lebbon who can still manage to take an overused theme and breathe fresh air into stale lungs. Lebbon’s novel The Silence […]

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Interview with Author Steven Till

May 29, 2015 No Comments

Steven Till is a creative jack of many trades, from music to graphic design.  But none of these artistic outlets satiated Till’s love of all things horror until he tried his hand at writing.  It didn’t take long before his short stories were winning awards and his self-published work began to cultivate an audience.  As […]

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Anti-Hero Book Review

Apr 23, 2015 No Comments

When the CIA needs to track down the digital clones of a megalomaniacal mad man who has seized control of the world’s computer systems, they call in his old teammates to track him down and ghost his pixelated ass. This team isn’t the Ghostbusters’ IT department; they’re MI37 headed up by a group of independent […]

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Cthulhu Lives! An Eldritch Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft Book Review

Apr 14, 2015 No Comments

In Cthulhu Lives!, editor Salomé Jones brings together many stories for Ghostwoods Books that fall under the vast cyclopean umbrella that is the Cthulhu Mythos. The stories range from straightforward horror stories to epistolary fiction and everything in between. If that isn’t cool enough, how does an afterward by S.T. Joshi sound? Pretty bad ass, […]

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Lenore: Pink Bellies Comic Book Review

Apr 07, 2015 No Comments

Gods of death eating Jujubes, a refined gentlemen called Mr. Bear Poop on a Log, a flashback squirrel fighting the FBI and a nine-step puppet tutorial, are just some of what you’ll find in the pages of Roman Dirge’s Lenore: Pink Bellies. The most adorable and pungent living dead girl is back in a tale […]

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Interview with Artist Angel Onofre

Mar 12, 2015 No Comments

Back in November, as I was strolling down the corridors of Days of the Dead: Chicago, a very new take on some very classic horror villains caught my eye.  Think Tex Avery on acid.  Imagine Jack Torrance falling into a vat of comic book ink.  This was Angel Onofre’s artwork and it was awesome.  I […]

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Book of the Dead Book Review

Mar 03, 2015 No Comments

If Book of the Dead had been written by Lovecraft, then the lead characters would’ve gone catatonic by page seventy. Instead of action, the readers would’ve been treated to introspection and digressions about how mankind was not meant to know the true contents of the cosmos. There is a reason then why Lovecraft did not […]

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Read or Else: The Black Train by Edward Lee

Feb 19, 2015 No Comments

You feel the dried page against your finger and hear a subtle crack as you gingerly turn it.  The book’s spine is stiff and you look down, taking in the yellowed paper.   In the dimly lit room you smile coyly to yourself.  The book is well-worn; others have held it before you and felt the […]

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Chinese Ghost Stories: The Lasting Influence of Pu Songling’s Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

Feb 11, 2015 1 Comment

Hong Kong cinema tends to be a grab-bag. A “grab-all” might be a more appropriate phrase, actually. I’ve never seen a Hong Kong film that wasn’t happy to simultaneously tickle and revolt, to play the low road with blush-worthy sex jokes, all the while quoting Confucius. And of course one cannot forget about the fight […]

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