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Doki Doki Literature Club: Psychological Meta Horror Gaming

Jun 19, 2018 No Comments by

Doki Doki Literature Club! is a visual novel developed by Team Salvato and released in September 2017. It’s a game I’d heard about in passing, and it’s almost impossible to wander far on the internet without running into a meme or reference to it as the game enjoys a rather large cult following. Maybe that’s […]

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Until Dawn Video Game Review

Apr 14, 2016 No Comments by

There’s an emerging genre of video game that has swiftly become my favorite storytelling medium. They’re calling it the “interactive drama adventure game” – a mouthful that generally refers to a story-based game whose mechanics revolve around making plot-changing decisions. If you remember my review of TellTale’s The Walking Dead, it was one of these. […]

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Taghairm Game Review and Interview with Creator Chandler Groover

Nov 18, 2015 1 Comment by

I will never forget my first Takashi Miike film. It was Ichi The Killer, and I was young – 17 or 18, tops. I watched it with my brother, with whom I share many tastes and who introduced me to many wonderful and terrible things. I remember watching the movie, transfixed, horrified, sickened and teetering […]

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Spending the Night with Five Nights at Freddy’s

Jan 13, 2015 No Comments by

The more I play these indie horror titles, the more I start to feel that video games are the perfect vehicle for modern horror stories.  Books and movies can be great, but they lack any sense of agency – you’re a passive observer, and you know that no matter what you do, the things you’re […]

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Discovering P.T. and an Early Glimpse at Silent Hills

Oct 07, 2014 No Comments by

I recently found myself the owner of a PS4 – a joyous occasion in that it replaced my dead Xbox 360 for the purposes of streaming movies, but a bit disappointing as the PS4 game selection is currently rather bare. So imagine my delight when, roaming through the downloads and demos, I found what appeared […]

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The Walking Dead: A Unique Gaming Experience

Jan 28, 2014 No Comments by

Although I live in a household of dedicated PC gamers, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for console games.  There’s something about their finite nature that’s a comforting break in pace from the usual open-ended social gaming experience, and they’re cozy – you curl up on the couch with a controller and […]

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The War Z Video Game Review

Jan 13, 2013 No Comments by

I’ve ranted in the past about the video game industry’s obsession with zombies and the lazy game-making behind it.  I honestly never thought I’d see the day when a zombie game not only caught my attention, but actually frightened me.  Of course, that was before I downloaded The War Z. The War Z has been […]

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Horror RPGs and Tabletop Games: A Primer

Sep 23, 2012 No Comments by

In the early 1980s, tabletop Role-Playing games were still in their infancy. D&D had come along by then, and the groundswell of popularity it was gathering unto itself was beginning to demand more than the fledgling TSR could easily provide. Perhaps we should pause here for a moment to describe what “tabletop RPG” means for […]

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Will We Ever Get Tired of Zombie Video Games?

Aug 29, 2012 2 Comments by

Trends come and go, but some have more staying power than anyone could have anticipated.  Since the first zombie shambled across the screen in 1936’s White Zombie, we’ve been fascinated by the undead.  Of course, zombies have gone through a few different stages since then.  They’ve gone from being the product of Voodoo practitioners (and […]

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Is Motion Gaming the Future of Survival Horror?

Aug 19, 2012 No Comments by

I recently got my hands on a subscription to GameFly.  It’s usually a bad idea to enable my addictions, but I’m weak-willed, and it’s easy to rationalize this sort of purchase.  After all, if you buy a new game more than every few months, the subscription basically pays for itself.  And more importantly, it gives […]

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