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NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD EP by Morricone Youth Album Review

Nov 30, 2016 No Comments by

There aren’t many movies that I so affectionately go back to over and over and over again.  Of course, 1968’s Night of the Living Dead is most definitely one of those flicks.  As if George A. Romero’s zombie masterpiece weren’t great enough, now there’s a new reason to revisit NOTLD. Morricone Youth is a fantastic […]

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Metal Band BulletEater Teams with Director Corey Norman for Lovecraft Inspired Music Video

Sep 27, 2016 No Comments by

BulletEater plays the type of tunes that I really dig.  It’s a slurry of thrash metal, grindcore, power violence, and hardcore that drowns listeners in an overwhelming torrent of aggression and speed.  The reason you’re reading about these guys here, Horror Fans, is because they also scream about the mythos—thee Mythos.  Metal heads, hardcore kids, […]

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Interview with the Horrorfied Podcast Crew

May 17, 2016 No Comments by

Podcasts are a booming business in this technological day and age. With the horror community always searching for a new way to quench their blood thirst, it only makes sense that horror audio shows have blossomed across the airwaves. It harkens back to the grainy black-and-white images I was so fascinated with as a child—a […]

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Cactus Flower EP by Asforteri Album Review

May 03, 2016 No Comments by

“A giallo is not a detective story, it is not a thriller, not a suspense movie, not a horror film.” Rather, according to Ernesto Gastaldi in Troy Howarth’s So Deadly, So Perverse, a giallo “can be any one of these things and also all of these things rolled into one.” Besides being a distinctive style […]

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Castle Blood Wraps Up Another Successful Year

Dec 29, 2015 No Comments by

Throughout the month of October, the general area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is teeming with its share of some excellent haunted attractions. Some of these offerings are on the family-friendly side, while others cater more to an older teen and adult type of crowd. In the midst of the October festivities, very few manage to blend […]

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Chairshots to the Pumpkinhead: Halloween Havoc Part 2

Oct 22, 2015 No Comments by

During the last installment of “Chairshots to the Pumpkinhead,” we looked at the highest highs of WCW’s Halloween Havoc. From grueling and intense matches to gimmicks that worked, these Halloween Havoc highs made the product worth viewing. But, just as every piece of Halloween candy turns into righteous mud in the stomach, Halloween Havoc had […]

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Chairshots to the Pumpkinhead: Halloween Havoc Part 1

Oct 15, 2015 No Comments by

Pardon me real quick while I adjust my horn-rimmed glasses before starting. Now that everything is in place, I can begin. I was into wrestling before it was cool. Before Hulk Hogan’s heel turn at the 1996 installment of Bash at the Beach and before Stone Cold Steve Austin won the world title at WrestleMania […]

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Goblin Rebirth Album Review

Jul 02, 2015 2 Comments by

It’s pretty much impossible to imagine Italian horror cinema without also thinking of Goblin.  Their eerie cinematic soundscapes provided the soundtrack to sudden bloody death and the arrival of demonic evil. I would argue that their soundtrack to Suspiria is not only the best modern horror score but also the LOUDEST. If you remove the […]

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Demons Soundtrack 30th Anniversary Edition Review

Apr 28, 2015 No Comments by

It’s been thirty years since the release of Demons (or Dèmoni in its original Italian). Directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by legendary maestro Dario Argento (who received a much bigger billing in advertisements for the film), Demons is a quintessentially ‘80s splatterpunk flick about an isolated movie theater in Berlin that gets overrun by […]

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Denver’s 13th Floor Valentine X Haunted Attraction Review

Feb 17, 2015 No Comments by

A professor the Editor-In-Chief and I recall fondly from our schoolboy days once said that, “carnivals and haunted houses are our culture’s last bastion of legalized fear.”  It was in a screenwriting course, and those of us interested in fear wrote it down with the enthusiasm Plato probably had for Socrates’s really good lines.  Our […]

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