Scream Queens Unite for Women in Horror’s Massive Blood Drive PSA; Watch it Here

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The year 2017 is wasting no time in flying by, Horror Fans.  It’s already February and as such it’s also Women in Horror Month, an annual four-week celebration of the ladies in front of and behind the camera and at the keyboards and behind the desks at the publishing houses, churning out terrifying genre media that we all love.

Most RavMon readers have heard of the Soska Sisters, AKA the Twisted Twins.  We’ve covered the deranged duo since their early days and they’ve even penned some content for you good horror hounds.  And while their careers have undergone a meteoric rise over the past five years or so, they remain committed to their annual Massive Blood Drive that celebrates Women in Horror Month by raising awareness for a good cause in the most sinister, subversive way possible—PSA’s by genre filmmakers.

Once again, director Patricia Chica’s scream queen-stacked segment Las Cholas is part of the collective PSA that kicks things off right…or oh, so wrong.  Read the full press release and watch the bonkers PSA below, Horror Fans….

(Hollywood, CA) February 1st, 2017Michelle Romano’s Roman Media Inc. join forces with award-winning director Patricia Chica in the production of a segment for the Annual Massive Blood Drive PSA, curated by the Soska Sisters.

Every year internationally renowned identical twin filmmakers, the Soska Sisters (American Mary, Hellevator), invite you to bleed for an incredibly good cause: Women in Horror’s PSA for a Massive Blood Drive. Donating blood is something that many people find off-putting and terrifying. By using humor, innovation, and provocative imagery, this PSA will encourage viewers to face their fears and help out those in need of blood. The PSA premieres this February 1st 2017 on YouTube in honor of Women in Horror Recognition Month (#WiHM8).

For the fourth year in a row, the Soska Sisters have invited award-winning Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica to present her vampire driven segment Las Cholas to be included in this year’s music video. The final edit includes different parts directed by various innovative, unique, and irreverent horror directors across the globe.

The musical track entitled “BLOOD” was created by Kevvy (Kevin James Maher) of FAKE SHARK. The collective is edited again by the talented Paolo Kalalo.

The concept of Las Cholas is to showcase Los Angeles’ most unique Scream Queens: Tiffany Shepis, Tonya Kay, Devanny Pinn, and veteran actress Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist). Philip Friedman (Insidious), Michelle Romano (producer), Ivan Sharudo (actor) and Patricia Chica (director) also have a cameo in the short.

“I appear in the video as a Chola, not because I want to be on camera, but because I needed to be inside the convertible car with the actresses, so I could direct them and give instructions to the cinematographer Rachel Dunn. I also did camera B myself while the car was moving on the road. That’s why I dressed up like a Chola, to look like I belonged in there,” explains director Patricia Chica.

The full-length version of the story will be released later this year.


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